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20. Juli 2016

Ok First thing’s first so lets start from the fact that ZO SKIN HEALTH by Dr Zein Obagi is a prescription skin care line and it is only available via ZO certified skin health clinics. The clinic I get all my supplies from is   AMARA CLINIC in Dublin. If you are not in anyway able to make it to Dublin you can check ZO SKIN HEALTH website and find certified clinic near you. Siobhan – AMARA CLINIC skin care specialist is an absolute legend when it comes to skin care. She will have a consultation with you. She will choose the right product for you, based on your skin type, your skin needs etc.

Why I choose ZO  SKIN HEALTH by Dr Zein Obagi program?

I have never been much of a skincare person. In fact for years I used to remove my makeup with baby wipes and the only product I would use to actually clean my skin would be Clean and Clear gel face cleanser. I did not own a face cream at all! At some point when AMARA CLINIC launched I got to chat to Siobhan – Amara Clinic Skin Health Specialist and she convinced me to give it a try and I never looked back since. The results were amazing straight after first use….

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